8GB 2X4GB Memory RAM for Apple MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 13" (Mid-2010) DDR3

DDR3 SODIMM 204PIN 8GB Total. Two 4GB PC3-8500 204 pin SODIMM DDR3 1066MHz Major brand memory. THIS MODULE IS MANUFACTURED BY Major Brand only LIFETIME WARRANTY BY MANUFACTURED *Apple officially supports a maximum of 8 GB of RAM, but as first confirmed this model actually is capable of using up to 16 GB of RAM with two 8 GB memory modules. MAX MEMORY:8GB SOCKETS 2 COMPATIBLE WITH: Apple MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 13" (Mid-2010) Mid-2010 - MC516LL/A - MacBook7,1 - A1342 - 2395

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